Faye Jennifer Vinyl Design History

About Faye Jennifer Vinyl Design; I am going to take you back in time... 


The history of Faye Jennifer Vinyl Design dates back to pre me (Faye) being on the planet. Four generations in the arena of graphics.  


My great grandfather was an artist, commissioned to produce to graphics for the battleships for the ministry of defence. 


My grandfather was one of the old school original sign writers. His proudest project was hand painting the pinstripes onto rolls Royce's. Back when the tool kit for signs consisted of paints & brushes! (Paint splattered at that). 


Father Comrie was trained in screen printing many moons ago & has now worked in the world of large format print for over 40 years! As well as being the brains behind the print, he has also installed vinyl at venues such as; Gucci, Harrods, Ted Baker, Doc Martens, Café De Paris, Monaco & Many, many more!  


Then there is me, Faye! I have grown up around vinyl. Not just seeing it transform our family home through the years, I have assisted father comrie with projects since i was old enough to hold a squeegee.  


In a past life my role was senior account project manager & I had the pleasure of transforming venues with our vinyl all over the world, such as Olympia, print works, the yacht club Monaco & many more.  


Our family print business is based in Buckinghamshire, UK. Our Studio Workshop is where all of your vinyls are lovingly produced & shipped from. Our studio is now home to two large format HPLATEX printers, plotters, laminators & specialist finishing equipment.  


This is just the beginning for Faye Jennifer Vinyl Design & thanks to you, the history continues to gain chapters. Thank you for being here on this journey & supporting! As ever, if you'd like to work together or collab, please do reach out & we can talk all things vinyl.  


Thank you for reading. Let's stick together.  


Faye x 


Enough of all that anyway..
Have a nosey