Esmonde Raspberry - Standard

Esmonde Raspberry - Standard

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Exclusive collaboration with 70s expert and retro Queen – 70s House Manchester

Named after John Gilbery Esmonde, and better known as the writing duo Esmonde & Larbey who were the writers and creators of acclaimed 70s sit com ‘The Good Life’. 

Inspired by original designs of the 70s, this collection of exclusive, standard and flooring features a sleek, yet hypnotic ribbon swirl in tones of plum, pomegranate and raspberry.  Available in three sizes, standard, mini and jumbo to cover the smallest to the largest project. 

Pattern Size - Standard - Oval size - 220mm wide

Available in our fully laminated ‘Standard’ and laminated non-slip ‘Flooring’ vinyl at a generous, 750mm width, in both landscape and portrait for a seamless finish.

All of our vinyl is made in the UK & laminated.

Estelle recommends using our flooring vinyl to cover kitchen worktops, see our how to guide for more information.

70s House Manchester x Faye Jennifer Vinyl Design the only decorative vinyl for your retro and modern home.

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