Ru Paul x Hannah Shillito Art

Ru Paul x Hannah Shillito Art

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The incredible designer behind the Limited Edition Vinyl collection; 

All limited edition vinyl's will only be produced on 20m of vinyl!

Supporting other women in any way we can has & will always be really, really f*cking important. When women come together; incredible things happen..⚡️
This collection is a tribute to empowerment & inclusivity! 
***10% of profits from every purchase is donated to the 'Survivors Network supporting survivors sexual violence and abuse.***

Vinyl printed on permenant adhesive vinyl sealed with a matt laminate.

All vinyl is produced in 75cm sections, you can pick from landscape or portrait for your vinyl.

Ru Paul x Design tiled at 15cm high

'Hannah Shillito Art' wording on the images is for visual purposed only, this will not be printed on your vinyl. 

💖In the spirit of all things supporting the artist, we have made the conscious decision to watermark all samples in this limited edition collection. Samples are to show the quality of vinyl, colours in real life & to test the adhesive on your desired surface. If you’re looking for one of Hannah’s beautiful prints to frame, you can purchase them via her website here.💖