NEW DESIGNER ALERT!!! (Lucky number 13)

At Faye Jennifer Vinyl Design we are SUPER excited to announce our 13th designer to launch a capsule VINYL DESIGN collection... 
Alice is a queer British illustrator currently based in Leeds, UK. She is a freelance illustrator and designer with a background in fine art, working from her home studio.
Alice specialises in digital illustration, pattern design and mural work, she has a range of experience from creating work for largescale print to working with fashion brands to create in-house illustration styles.
Her work focuses on bold colours and design styles, taking inspiration across a broad spectrum of artistic influences. 
Alice is passionate about raising awareness around social issues and movements such as intersectional feminism, LGBTQ+ rights, and more. 
And now, Alice's beyond wonderful designs are now available on ALL vinyl types exclusively with Faye Jennifer Vinyl Design!