Gabriela Szulman

Gabriela is a mixed-media artist whose work is emerges from a fusion of painting, printmaking and found imagery. Though the medium of collage, she creates pictures, greeting cards, decorative objects - and now a first pattern collection for Faye Jennifer Designs!
Her work is often humorous and whimsical, with splashes of vibrant colour and random connections between images. Great part of the inspiration comes from a growing archive of ephemera collected through the years. She combines images found in old books –mainly encyclopaedias and technical manuals-, magazines, postcards, maps, religious iconography and scraps of writing with colour and pattern, both of which are strong elements in her work. By cutting up and re-assembling these components together with new textures and colours, she attempts to create compelling images where old fragments find a new lease of life and are thus preserved in her own imagined, made-up way.