How to Vinyl

Size it up

Before you place your order, we want you to be sure you have measured up the surface correctly & order the right amount of vinyl print.

(Before you do any of this though, please do get a sample ordered to test out colours, colours can look different on a screen to print & we want your project to be practically perfect in every way! All of our samples are approx. A5 size.)  

Now where were we, so, measuring your surface;

1. Using a tape measure, measure the width & length of the surface.

2. Multiply the width x the length = This will give you your FULL surface area. 

3. Check out the below table & pick the most suitable. 

Standard Vinyl & Floor Vinyl

Order Sizing Total Surface Area
1m 750mm x 1000mm ( Provided in 1x sheet) 0.75 SQM
2m 750mm x 2000mm ( Provided in 1x sheet) 1.5 SQM
3m 750mm x 1500mm (Provided in 2x sheets) 2.25 SQM


Window Frosted Vinyl

Order Sizing Total Surface Area
1m 600mm x 1000mm (Provided in 1x sheet) 0.60 SQM
2m 600mm x 2000mm (Provided in 1x sheet) 1.2 SQM
3m 600mm x 1500mm (Provided in 2x sheets) 1.8 SQM

Vibey Vinyl

Order Sizing Total Surface Area
1m 610mm x 1000mm (Provided in 1x sheet) 0.61 SQM
2m 610mm x 2000mm (Provided in 1x sheet) 1.22 SQM
3m 610mm x 1500mm (Provided in 2x sheets) 1.83 SQM


Our vinyl can be applied to almost any smooth surface in your home. 

The world really is your lobster on this one. 

We have listed some surfaces below we have applied the vinyl too; Please do tag us in your projects on socials, we LOVE to see how you have used the prints! 

Upcycle projects; cabinets, units, tables, seating, office desks, dressing table, drinks trolleys, the list is endless. 

Home projects; Walls, stair fronts, kitchen cabinets, bathroom units, bins, record players, I could go on all day! I will leave it there & let you get creating. 

One thing to keep in mind, there is a chance (especially if it is a long-ago painted wall) upon removal, some of the paint can flake away upon removal.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept any liability if a surface becomes damaged upon removal, we leave that up to our fab customers to decide on a suitable surface. We want to provide only the best vinyl for your projects, using a hi-tac vinyl means it will last & stay stuck! Just always keep in mind, the smoother the surface, the better the final finish! 

Get Sticking

Applying the vinyl is the fun part! For ease of application be sure to read the below: 

1. Give the surface a wipe, we need to make sure no little dust nubs are hiding on that surface as they will show up under the vinyl once it's been applied. If you're applying to a surface that could potentially be greasy, be sure to give it a good clean & allow it to dry fully pre moving onto the next step.

2. Trim it up, line the vinyl up onto the surface & trim it almost to size (be sure to cut it slightly bigger than you need, we can get rid of any extra later on) better to go big! Cut the vinyl to size using scissors or a craft knife. Do keep in mind that once you have cut the vinyl too small it is a no go project, go big. 

3. Get sticking, the fun part! Giving that surface a glow up. When applying the vinyl, peal back a corner, remove a 10cm section of the backing paper from one side of the vinyl, line this up to the surface edge, once in place get that section stuck down (using something soft, a credit card or a squeegee), take your time to slowly remove the backing paper sticking down a small section each time. 

If you go wrong, peal it back, lift it, start again. 

Bubbles will disappear if you pop them.

Don't push too hard, if you push down too hard you can cause creases in the vinyl.

Work from the middle of the graphic pushing out, get rid of that air & reduce changes of creasing. 

4. Trim it up, any extra vinyl over the edges, get your scissors or craft knife & get rid of those babies. 

You're all done!

You can watch 'How to' videos on all of our socials, be sure to check them out for top tips. 

Have more questions? 
The age old saying; no question is a stupid one! Please reach out via the contact page or on the socials. Would much rather you ask & end up with the most perfect project. Be sure to tag us in your glow up's, we love to see how creative you are with the prints! 
If you have any other questions please do get in touch here.